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Anglican Religious Communities


Brotherhood of Saint Gregory

Founded in 1969

The Brotherhood of Saint Gregory was founded on Holy Cross Day 1969, by Richard Thomas Biernacki, after consultation with many Episcopal and Roman Catholic Religious. The first brothers made their profession of vows in the New York monastery of the Visitation Sisters. Later that year, Bishop Horace Donegan of New York recognized the Brotherhood as a Religious community of the Episcopal Church.

The community is open to clergy and laity, without regard to marital status. Gregorian Friars follow a common Rule, living individually, in small groups, or with their families, supporting themselves and the community through secular or church-related employment.

The Rule requires the Holy Eucharist, the four Offices of the Book of Common Prayer, meditation, theological study, Embertide reports, the tithe, and participation in Annual Convocation and Chapter.

The Postulancy program takes a minimum of one year; Novitiate at least two years, after which a novice may make First Profession of Annual Vows. Members are eligible for Life Profession after five years in Annual Vows.

Gregorian Friars minister in parishes as liturgists, musicians, clergy, artists, visitors to the sick, administrators, sextons, and teachers. A number serve the diocesan and national church. For those in secular work the ‘servant theme’ continues, and many are teachers, nurses, or administrators, sharing the common goal of the consecration of each brother’s lifetime through prayer and service.

Contact Details

Name: Richard Thomas Biernacki  (Founder and Minister General, assumed office 14 September 1969)
Address: Brotherhood of St Gregory, PO Box 57, White Plains, NY, 10602, USA
Email: Email



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