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Anglican Religious Communities


Community of the Sacred Passion

Founded 1911
Registered Charity : No. 800080

The Community was founded to serve Africa by a life of prayer and missionary work, bringing to Africans a knowledge of God’s love. After the Church in Tanzania gained independence, and the Community of St Mary of Nazareth and Calvary (CMM), which they nurtured, became self-governing, CSP withdrew from Tanzania and now offers support from England. Much of the help is channelled through CMM to whom they offer encouragement, advice and financial support. The Sisters also collect money for some of the work that they founded, including the Polio Hostel at Kwa Mkono, caring for disabled children, and building work at the Nursing School at Muheza to cater for extra student nurses and modern equipment. At Shoreham, the Sisters offer hospitality for small day events and meetings. They are involved in guidance of individuals and have various contacts in the local community. The Sister who lives in Clapham is involved with the World Community for Christian Meditation and has contacts with people of various faiths. Prayer remains the foundation of the life of the Community.

Contact Details

Name: Mother Philippa CSP  (Mother Superior, assumed office 30 August 1999)
Address: The Convent of the Sacred Passion, 22 Buckingham Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5UB, England
Tel: +44 (0)1273 453 807
Email: Email



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