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Council for the Religious Life (in Southern Africa)

All Religious communities in the Church of the Province of Southern Africa come under the Council for the Religious Life. This is chaired by the Archbishop of Cape Town or a bishop appointed he/she appoints. There are seven other members: two nominated by the Synod of Bishops, and five professed Religious elected by the annual Conference of the Religious Life for four-year terms of office.

The Most Revd Njongonkulu Ndungane (Chair)
Brother Timothy Jolley OHC (Vice-Chair)
The Rt Revd Merwyn Castle (episcopal nominee)
The Rt Revd Joseph Tsubella (episcopal nominee)
Sister Mpolokeng CHN (Secretary)
Sister Patricia CHN (Treasurer)


Australia & New Zealand

Advisory Council for Religious Communities in Australasia

The Council consists of all the leaders of the Religious Communities in Australia and New Zealand, plus two bishops and two priests appointed by the Primate of Australia, and a bishop from New Zealand.

Bishops on the Council:
Rt Revd Richard Appleby, Northern Region, Diocese of Brisbane (Chair)
Rt Revd David Murray, Southern Region, Diocese of Perth
Rt Revd David Moxon, Diocese of Waikato

Priests on the Council:
Revd John Clarkson, Diocese of Tasmania,
Revd Dr Julia Perry, Diocese of Newcastle

Secretary of the Council:
Rt Revd John Lewis SSM



Advisory Council on the Relations of Bishops & Religious Communities(commonly called ‘The Advisory Council’)

Rt Revd Jack Nicholls, Bishop of Sheffield (Chair)
Rt Revd Graham James, Bishop of Norwich
Rt Revd David Walker, Bishop of Dudley
Rt Revd Dominic Walker OGS, Bishop of Monmouth (co-opted)

Communities' elected representatives (elected November 2000 for five year term):
Father Peter Allan CR
Sister Anita CSC
Mother Barbara Claire CSMV
Brother Stuart Burns OSB
Father Colin CSWG
Brother Damian SSF
Dom Giles Hill OSB
Sister Judith OHP
Sister Tessa SLG
Sister Mary Julian

ARC representative: Sister Joyce CSF
Roman Catholic Observer: Sister Marie-Henry Keane OP

Pastoral Secretary: Revd Bill Scott
Administrative Secretary: Miss Jane Melrose
Church House, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3NZ
Tel: 0207 898 1379 Fax: 0207 898 814729 Email:


Conference of the Leaders of Anglican Religious Communities (CLARC)

The Conference meets in full once a year, usually in June.

Steering Committee 2005
Sister Anita CSC (2005)
Mother Barbara Claire CSMV (2007)
Mother Cynthia Clare SSM (2006)
Father Jonathan Ewer (2005)
Sister Joyce CSF (2006)
Mother Ann Verena CJGS (administrative assistant)
Mother Rosemary SLG (2007)
Brother Stuart OSB (2006)

(dates indicate the year their elected term ends)


The General Synod of the Church of England

Representatives of Lay Religious, Province of Canterbury
Sister Mary Angela CSWG (Elected 2000)
Sister Elizabeth Anne CSMV (Elected 2003)

Representative of Ordained Religious, Province of Canterbury
Sister Rosemary CHN (Elected 2002)

Representative of Lay Religious, Province of York
Sister Janette OHP (Elected 2000)

Representative of Ordained Religious, Province of York
Father Aidan Mayoss CR (Elected 1993; Re-elected 1995 and 2000)



Anglican Religious Communities (in England) (ARC)

ARC supports members of Religious Communities of the Church of England. Its membership is the entire body of professed members of communities recognised by the Advisory Council (see above).

ARC holds an Annual Conference in the first week of September each year when members can come together both to hear speakers on topics of relevant to their way of life and to meet and share experiences together. A news sheet is regularly circulated to all houses and ARC represents Anglican Religious Life on various bodies, including the Vocations Forum of the Ministry Division of the C of E, the Year Book Editorial Committee and the Care & Housing of the Elderly Project. Some limited support is also given to groups of common interest within ARC who may wish to meet. Its activities are co-ordinated by a committee with members elected from Leaders, Novice Guardians, General Synod Representatives and the professed membership. The Committee normally meets three times a year.

Mother Ann Verena CJGS , Father Jonathan Ewer SSM & Sister Joyce CSF (representing Leaders)
Sister Elizather Anne CSMV OHP (representing General Synod representatives)
Sister Catherine CSC (representing Novice Guardians)
Brother Anselm SSF, Brother Colin Wilfred SSF, Father Edmund Wheat SSM (Chair) , Sister Janet Elizabeth OHP, Sister Jocelyn OHP & Brother Steven CR. (representing professed members)
Sister Christine James CSF (Administrative Secretary)

More information about Anglican Religious Life (in England) or about ARC itself, may be obtained from the Secretary:

The Anglican Religious Communities Secretary,
c/o Miss Jane Melrose,
Church House, Great Smith Street,
London SW1P 3NZ


North America

Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americas (CAROA)

The purpose of CAROA is to provide opportunities for mutual support and sharing among its member communities and co-ordinate their common interests and activities, to engage in dialogue with other groups, to present a coherent understanding of the Religious Life to the Church and to speak as an advocate for the Religious Orders to the Church. CAROA is incorporated as a non-profit organization in both Canada and the USA.

Father David Bryan Hoopes OHC (President)
Father Gregory Fruehwirth OJN (Vice-President)
Mother Miriam CSM (Secretary-Treasurer)

The Revd Dr Donald Anderson (General Secretary)
PO Box 99, Little Britain, Ontario K0M 2C0, Canada.
Tel & Fax: 705 786 3330


North America

House of Bishops Standing Committee on Religious Communities in the Anglican Church of Canada

The Committee usually meets twice a year, during the House of Bishops meeting. Its rôle is consultative and supportive.
Most Revd A Bruce Stavert, Archbishop of Quebec, Metropolitian of the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada
Rt Revd James A Cowan, Bishop of British Colombia
Rt Revd Ann E Tottenham, Suffragan Bishop of Credit Valley
The Most Revd Andrew S Hutchison, Archbishop and Primate of Canada
The Superiors of CSC, OHC, SSJD & SSJE
Revd Dr Donald Anderson, General Secretary of CAROA
Revd Malcolm Thompson, Principal Secretary to the Primate (Secretary)


North America

General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada

Religious Synod members:
Sister Elizabeth Ann Eckert SSJD
Sister Marguerite Mae CSC


Ecumenical & Inter-denominational

Conference of Religious (CoR)

The Conference of Religious is open to all Roman Catholic Provincial leaders of Religious Congregations in England and Wales. The leaders of Anglican communities may be Associate members, which, apart from voting rights, means they receive all the same benefits and information as the Roman Catholic leaders.
CoR is run by an executive committee, elected from its members, which meets every two months. It deals with matters affecting men and women Religious, and various matters of interest to them. There is particular emphasis on peace and justice issues. Members of the executive also plan the day General Meeting in September and the residential Annual General Meeting and Conference held in Swanwick, Derbyshire, in January as well as representing the members on various associations and bodies. The secretarial staff deal with the administration and produce a monthly mailing full of useful information.

General Secretary of CoR:
Sister Ellen Gielty SND.
PO Box 37602, The Ridgeway, London NW7 4XG
Tel: 020 8201 1861 Fax: 020 8201 1988

The Anglican representative on the CoR Executive Committee:
Sister Joyce CSF
43 Endymion Road, Brixton, London SW2 2BU
Tel & Fax: 0208 674 5344


Ecumenical & Inter-denominational

Association of British Contemplatives (ABC)

The Association of British Contemplatives (ABC) is constituted by the women’s contemplative communities of England, Scotland and Wales, Roman Catholic and Anglican. The purpose of the Association is: To foster solidarity and mutual co-operation between all the women’s contemplative communities. To co-ordinate, if and when desired, initiatives and projects of mutual concern. To strengthen contemplative vision and values in the Church. To provide a structure for responding to current issues of concern To provide a channel of communication with the various Hierarchies and other official bodies.

The ABC Executive:

Mother Mary of the Holy Spirit ODC (Chairperson)
Carmelite Monastery, 17 Helenslee Road, Dumbarton, Scotland G82 4AN

Abbess Joanna Jamieson OSB (Deputy Chairperson)
Mother Mary of St Philip ODC
Sister Elizabeth Mary SPB (Anglican Representative)
Mother Aelred Casey OSC
Mother Mary Thomas CRSA


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